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How to find an Digital Agency in Houston Texas

SEO is simple but many people and digital marketing agencies tend to over complicated and that is why “bad” SEO companies could really charge you a lot of money, not focus on what really needs to be done and hurt your page or create penalties more than actually make it better.

SEO in Houston is about building social profiles for your website and getting those links to actually point back to your site back to your $$$ site which is your home page. After that we put a couple of PBNs to make our site even more attractive, we sprinkle some more power. PBNs are the “cool kids” around the block in the internet talking about website, this guys have authority in the internet. Therefore, the more you build those socials sites and citations and the more legit and authoritative PBNs you get the better you rank. PERIOD thats it. You do that again and again and again, put more socials and put more PBNs and your rank goes up.

That is Houston SEO Experts on a nutshell. For all of you that where sold the idea that is complicated, but I strongly advice to not do it unless you are a bit more trained. You can also hire SEO agencies, Ive worked with a couple and owe one, if its GOOD its worth it, thats it..

Here in Digital Mover Agency at Houston and other cities where we simplify the complicated about SEO so that you can get more traffic, more customer and more sales with half of your marketing budget. Feel free to message me or go to the website for more information we give a FREE consultation hope we added value and helped clearify some doubts.

Houston SEO companies What is SEO and why does your business needs it ?

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